Product Marketer / Head of Marketing

Based in Warsaw, Poland

Work permit in Poland & Belarus

updated: October 6, 2022

Key Expertise


Figma, Notion, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio, Hotjar, Facebook/Google/LinkedIn Ads, Miro, DataGrip, Tabix, Grafana


Human-centered marketing is my passion. I like to develop conversion-oriented user experiences and doing that for 4 years. Also I love to build effective teams and processes around project or product. I believe that collaborative friendly work is the only way to make our best. I love challenges, it's almost the only and most natural way to grow a person's skills. The more difficult the task, the better the product. In spare time I'm interested in tech, marketing, Machine Learning, AI, jogging and swimming.

Marketing Marketing from Scratch, Inbound & Outbound, Process Building, External Contractors, SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media/Google ads, Hiring and Building Effective Team, Partnership relations [Opera, Google, Yandex]

Product Management Leadership**,** Project Management, Lean Process, ****User Research, Competitive Research, Roadmap, Marketing, Strategy, CustDev (Ivan Zamesin ❤), UI/UX test

Selected Work History

Aug 2021 - Jul 2022

Lead Product Marketer @ Big Data Technologies

The product is a cross-browser extension to help you shop on AliExpress. In August 2021, the company was coming out of a long recession related to COVID-19 and needed fresh marketing ideas. We began to learn more about who our users were, refocused our advertising activity on Europe and Latin America, and began working on brand reputation, increasing NPS, affiliate relationships and advertising from unseen sources.

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